About me

I am passionate about leveraging technology to make a positive impact in the world. Born in Birmingham, England I developed an early interest in computer science and took first place in the Intel Computer Challenge at the University of Birmingham at age 14. I went on to work internationally creating networks, managing security, and building data-centers for a global business center company and NGO based in La Jolla, California. I then spent the next several years in San Diego where I built technology platforms and systems for the Church. We moved to Oklahoma City with my family to serve as a DevOps Engineer for the YouVersion Bible App at Life.Church (an app with over 380 million downloads and millions of daily users). Most recently, my family and I moved to Frisco, Texas where I’m now a DevOps Engineer on the Cloud Engineering team at Toyota Connected. My main focus is to architect systems to be used globally by Toyota Engineering departments and define best practices for a sustainable DevOps culture, reducing cycle time and improving quality of releases.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family, exploring, and finding adventures wherever we may go.

If you’d like to chat about tech, faith, or just need someone to listen, contact me!!

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Simon is a DevOps Engineer.